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Oxford Oberon-2 compiler
« : Апрель 17, 2014, 06:00:27 am »
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At Oxford, we use Oberon as the second language we teach to our undergraduate students (the first one is Haskell). We chose it because of its cleanliness and simplicity, and because of the availability of books that emphasize clear reasoning about programs. Yes, it seems old-fashioned in some ways, but partly that's because it is closer to the hardware than is now the fashion. And it's hard to find another language with a defining document that comes in under 20 pages.

To support this teaching within our Unix-based software laboratory, I have developed from scratch a portable compiler that translates Oberon-2 into bytecode, which can be either interpreted or dynamically translated into machine code. Dynamic translation uses a portable interface modelled on the one in GNU Lightning, but is so far implemented only on x86 machines. The implementation includes a full garbage collector, and comes with profiling tools and a simple GUI debugger.

This implementation of the Oberon-2 language does not include a version of the Oberon-2 operating system and programming environment; instead, programs are edited with the tools of the host operating system and compiled into executables that run like other programs on the host system.

The compiler is written in Objective Caml, and the runtime system is written in C. It is not necessary to have Objective Caml installed in order to use the binary distributions listed below, but it is needed in order to build the system from the source distribution. The build process also uses some scripts written in Tcl.

The current version of the compiler is release 2.9; another page has links to some (slightly outdated) design documents for the compiler.

Oxford Oberon-2 compiler


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Re: Oxford Oberon-2 compiler
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Добавил ссылку в раздел "Компиляторы и инструментарий"

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